What would you like to get from 1-1 classes?

Whether you’d like us to focus on easing into yoga, enhancing your fitness and strength, relaxing and de-stressing, promoting mindfulness, working a specific area of the body, or anything else, please let me know below.

Do you have any injuries?

If so, please go into detail about the nature of the injury. Where is the injury?  Do you want to avoid any pressure on this area, or would you like us to build strength and mobility in this area through yoga?

When would you like a 1-1 class?

If possible, please give multiple options to increase the likelihood of availability

Where would you like a 1-1 class to take place?

with me in Ivybridge?  at your home? (please provide address)  at a chosen location? (e.g. on the beach?)

Thank you for submitting, I will get back to you as soon as possible.