Join me for an hours yoga class on the beautiful South sands beach. We will enjoy the moment by soaking up the suns rays, enjoying the sound of the ocean and flowing though yoga postures with sand between your toes and a smile on your face. The perfect way to spend your day.

 South Sands, Salcombe



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What to expect

I recommend parking over at North sands beach and walking over to south sands, its a beautiful short walk and shouldn't take you longer than 15mins! Bring everything that you need down to the beach with you. You will see the Becky Hickman Yoga windbreaks. Come and say hi and join me if you're early!

Whether it's your first time stepping on the mat or you're an advanced practitioner, there will be something for you.  It is so magical practising outside in nature, drawing all our awareness to your senses, listening to the sound of the ocean, breathing in the fresh salty air and allowing yourself to settle into the present moment.

Flowing through a vinyasa flow style yoga class, focusing on strength and balance throughout our class in a fun lighthearted way spending time at the end of class to hold deep stretches before enjoying a well deserved shavasana.  If you would like to get super comfortable at the end of class please make sure you bring blankets along with you so that you can drop into pure chilled out bliss, welcoming the weekend knowing that you have done good for both your body and mind.


Note that this event is weather dependant.

What to bring

  • Yoga Mat (or towel)

  • Sun Cream

  • Jumper (in case it gets chilly)

  • Change for parking

  • Water


South Sands Beach


North Sands Car Park,
Cliff Rd, Salcombe TQ8 8LD

They accept cash or RingGo - 3489 location code.

Please give yourself enough time to walk over to south sands beach!

We love Bo's Beach Cafe!

After class if you want to spend time with like-minded people, why not hang around and enjoy a delicious coffee from Bo's Cafe, they also offer some delicious pizzas!