The classes incorporate mindful breathing and meditation, flowing movements, a variety of postures and end with a deep relaxation (Shavasana).  Expect to have a fun! I offer a playful, gentle flow in a positive space where you can be yourself and leave with a smile on your face and love in your heart.  Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or would like to deepen your practice further, the classes provide adjustments and adaptations to suit your needs.  Gentle and calming music will complement our practice as you let go of your stresses and make time for yourself.

Class Times

Sunday Mornings:

10:30am - 11:30am



We find a gentle Sunday morning wiggle, taking a bit longer to wake up the body before we get moving and flowing. We will focus on all areas of the body, to ring out any stress or tension so that you can float through the rest of your day!

I will be heading to the beach after our class, so if you bring your swimming costume along and fancy a dip with me, it would be lovely to have some company!


Bigbury Memorial Hall, St Ann's Chapel, Kingsbridge TQ7 4HG

Free parking and plenty of spaces! 

Class Prices

Drop In: £9

What to expect

In all of  my classes I act as a guide and you take full control of what your body would like to do, it's your practice and your body, you know your body better than anyone else ever could.  I focus on self-love and compassion towards ourselves, there is no judgement, no expectations, all I ask is that you find what feels good, follow your curiosity and above all have fun - we'll laugh, smile and not take ourselves too seriously.



I offer a playful variation of vinyasa starting with a mindful meditation to set an intention for our practise ahead.  This gives us space to check in with how we feel in the current moment and respond to what the body and mind are in need of. 

We then move gently, focusing on sensations in the body and begin to find a flow.  This will allow us to become completely present moving as one with our breath and body, finding curiosity, support and laughter. We will end the class by slowing the movements back down, tapping into our nervous system and finding peace in stillness whilst inviting all our senses to the present moment and dropping into a state of bliss and gratitude.


The definition of restorative yoga is the use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.  In this class you can expect to get so comfortable that you might even have a snooze!  We will hold a few well selected positions, remembering that this is about opening our body's not stretching.  And end our session with a deep relaxation meditation. There is such a need for active rest in our high pressure world that's filled with constant stimulation, this will leave you feeling completely brand new, rejuvenated and ready for a good nights sleep. 

Covid Safety

Please make sure that you bring your own equipment and face masks along with you (these can be removed once on your mat).  To remove the risk of cross contamination I will no longer be supplying yoga mats.  Always keep two metres apart and sanitise hands on entrance and exist.  I will make sure the rooms are well ventilated and if you are feeling at all unwell please get in touch and stay at home.