Christmas Party!

This is going to be a whole lot of fun.  Starting our event off to the sound of festive music, eco glitter covering our rosy cheeks and playfully flowing through our yoga practise.  After a good wiggle we will drop into a more restful yoga practice to calm the nervous system, holding our poses for a longer length of time and wrapped up in blankets and the warm after glow of our flow.  To finish our yoga session we will journey to the land of nod, as I guide you through a yoga nidra practise so that you can completely melt into a state of bliss.  Then after all that magic and fun we will make our way down stairs to indulge ourselves in a festive cocktail, reminiscing over the year and get excited for Christmases to come.

Wellness Loft, Totnes

Saturday 18th of December

4pm - 7pm


What to expect

Meet me upstairs at the wellness loft to indulge ourselves in an hour of festive fun! We shall be playfully flowing through our yoga practise with giggles and Christmas joy in our hearts.

When you first arrive you will be greeted with a home made goodie bag, filled with Christmas treats.  The sound of festive music will fill the room, and eco glitter will cover our rosy cheeks.  We will be dancing and letting our child like joy for Christmas shine out of our yoga practise.

After an hour of opening our hearts, moving our body's and playing with some balances, we will settle into a few restorative poses to calm our nervous system and begin to release any pressures that the season might bring us.  We will be using props to help support ourselves and keep nice and toasty as we hold these postures for a few minuets focusing on our breath and all the sensations around us.  Then completely surrendering into stillness enjoying half an hour of yoga nidra (Yogic Sleep) as i guide you through a winter wonderland and you settle into deep relaxation, before waking up feeling fully rejuvenated.

After our yoga session we will make our way down stairs to enjoy a festive cocktail together, one is included in the cost of this event and celebrate all that we have overcome this year.  We will reminisce over ways we have grown, and the challenges that we have overcome and all the adventures that we wish to embark on over the next year ahead.

A total refresh, offering time to move, surrender and rest.  This will set you up for the next few weeks and a great practice to bookmark the year with.

It will be a merry Christmas for all and for all a good night... :)


What to bring

  • Yoga Mat

  • Money (In-case you want extra cocktails)

  • Warm layers

  • Blankets


The Plains, Totnes TQ9 5DR.


Victoria Street car park.
Ring go code is: 3497
Its £2.80 for three hours.
Postcode is: TQ9 5EF