The classes incorporate mindful breathing and meditation, flowing movements, a variety of postures and end with a deep relaxation (Shavasana).  Expect to have a fun! I offer a playful, gentle flow in a positive space where you can be yourself and leave with a smile on your face and love in your heart.  Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or would like to deepen your practice further, the classes provide adjustments and adaptations to suit your needs.  Gentle and calming music will complement our practice as you let go of your stresses and make time for yourself.

Class Prices

Drop In: £9

5 Class Pass : £42.50 (£8.50 Per Class)

10 Class Pass : £80 (£8 Per Class)

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was to try a yoga class with this magnificent, caring, talented woman.   

She has looked after me when I’ve been struggling and made me feel comfortable and capable.

Although I love the exercise part of it, yoga is so much more than that - and it’s leading me in a whole new journey for my life and mental health .

Covid safe...

The government is planning that we can start indoor group classes again on May 17th, but of course this is all depending on how the next few months go and could be again postponed.  When we start back up please make sure that you bring your own equipment and face masks along with you (these can be removed once on your mat).  To remove the risk of cross contamination I will no longer be supplying yoga mats. 

Always keep two metres apart and sanitise hands on entrance and exist.  I will make sure the rooms are well ventilated and if you are feeling at all unwell please get in touch and stay at home.

Thank you so much for your cooperation, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday - Ivybridge

Vinyasa - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Vinyasa - 7:45pm-8:45pm

Tennis Courts, Erme playing fields, Ermington Road, PL21 9ES

Sunday - Ermington

Gentle Yoga - 9am- 10am

Store and More, Church street, Ermington, PL21 9NJ

On Sundays we stay after class to have a coffee together and write in our journals, if you can spare the time please join us!  [please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions this additional activity is not currently possible]

In all of  my classes I act as a guide and you take full control of what your body would like to do, it's your practice and your body, you know your body better than anyone else ever could.  I focus on self-love and compassion towards ourselves, there is no judgement, no expectations, all I ask is that you find what feels good, follow your curiosity and above all have fun - we'll laugh, smile and not take ourselves too seriously.



I offer a playful variation of vinyasa starting with a mindful meditation to set an intention for our practise ahead.  This gives us space to check in with how we feel in the current moment and respond to what the body and mind are in need of. 

We then move gently, focusing on sensations in the body and begin to find a flow.  This will allow us to become completely present moving as one with our breath and body, finding curiosity, support and laughter. We will end the class by slowing the movements back down, tapping into our nervous system and finding peace in stillness whilst inviting all our senses to the present moment and dropping into a state of bliss and gratitude.

Rise and shine- 

Good morning sunshine! Taking a bit longer to wake up the body before we get moving and flowing, focusing on all areas of the body to ring out any stress or tension so that you can float through the rest of your day! Thinking about what we would like to give to the world today and what we would like to receive today.  In all of my classes I include breath work, meditation, time for slowing down and everyone's favourite, shavasana, at the end of class. There is a thread throughout all my classes of self love and acceptance in a supportive, light hearted space where you can be yourself.

Gentle start-

Life is all about balance and if you have had a busy week, this class is for you.  Sunday is our time to take it slow, to reconnect back to ourselves, to recharge our batteries and be ready to start the week with a spring in our step.  We will spend the whole class taking slower movements, fully appreciating our bodies and what they are capable of, releasing any events or thoughts from the week that are holding us back and welcoming in the new week.  Ending in shavasana with blankets and pillows and fluffy socks, fully nourished and cocooned in love.

Want to join in from home?

If the classes are fully booked or you are self isolating, you can now join in the class from home via zoom! 

Zoom Timetable:

Thursday Evening: 6:15pm

Friday Morning: 7:30am

Sunday Morning: 9am


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