Frequently Asked Questions


I am new to yoga, are your classes suitable?

Yes! I offer a multitude of options throughout class so dependant on how you feel on the day you can take whatever path best suits you. I strongly encourage everyone to find what feels good for them in both their body and minds, remembering that we are all made differently and every day is different so it's all about listening and honouring your body, supporting yourself throughout your practice whilst playfully encouraging yourself to try something new.

I am not flexible, can I still attend your class?

100% yes!  Yoga isn't all about touching your toes, it will help you along your journey to that if that is what you are looking for but yoga is so much more that the physical Asanas (poses).   It brings together breathing techniques that tap into your nervous system to allow you to become calm and centred, whilst finding a state of bliss at the end of class during meditation leaving with your heart full of gratitude.  Throughout the physical practice you will not be expected to make certain shapes, I offer a space where you can fully be yourself, you can move in a way that is right for you. Physically yoga will give you more mobility, greater range of movement, improve your strength and balance.  Yoga is this feeling of  freedom in your body, space to move with effortless ease, through our practice and our lives.

What do I need to bring along with me to class?

Your own yoga mat and any props that you would like to use e.g. blocks, straps, eye pillows, blankets and pillows.  Currently you will need to bring along your face covering to each session too (you take them off once on your mat).

What if the class says that it's fully booked?

You can put yourself on the waitlist, so that if there are any cancellations you will be the first to know!  You can easily do this by clicking 'Join waitlist' button, it will appear in the same place as the book button when the class is full.

I would like to swap my booking to another date, how can I do that?

Log onto your account on the booking system and click onto your tickets, it will then come up with an option to transfer or cancel, continue with the selection that you would like.

How much notice do I have to give to be entitled to a full refund?

48 hours, you will need to cancel it yourself on your account and then drop me a message to request a refund.

I've just bought a class pass, now what?

Log onto your account on the booking system and click onto the dates that you would like to attend and book.  Classes can be booked at the same time as buying the class pass or you can come back at a later date after purchasing the class pass and the system will know how many classes you have left.

How do I get onto my account?

Click book at the top of this page, it will then bring you onto a booking system.  Click log in at the top right corner and proceed to enter your log in information.


I had never tried yoga before. I always had the thought that you had to be experienced to join a class. I joined Becky’s class during a very difficult emotional time for me and I’m so glad I did. Becky put me at ease immediately, she is very calming and reassuring. The class was incredible, not just physically, but emotionally. It helped me balance all the negativity I had floating around and taught me to draw on the positives in my life. It helped me to learn to be myself and to most importantly love myself.  Becky is incredible and I’m so glad I started my yoga journey with her.

First class yesterday, it was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend Becky more. She is the most amazing human being and a fantastic yoga instructor!

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was to try a yoga class with this magnificent, caring, talented woman.   She has looked after me when I’ve been struggling and made me feel comfortable and capable. Although I love the exercise part of it, yoga is so much more than that - and it’s leading me in a whole new journey for my life and mental health .

Having been to various yoga classes in Exeter and London Becky's is the most relaxed and easy to follow. Some weeks you work up a good sweat and try new things other weeks is much more slow and stretchy. She leads the class with such simple clear language it feels accessible and you aren't constantly trying to look around to understand whats going on. My boyfriend has come along too and really enjoyed it and he was very sceptical.

I have never been more relaxed! Becky’s classes are such an escape. She’s so gentle and caring in her teaching, she really is wonderful. Get yourself to yoga with Becky!

Thank you,