Finding Balance

This event is all about finding the balance between effort and ease, the balance between doing and being.  We will begin our journey with an hour of a vinyasa yoga to build heat in the body, get the blood circulating, then complemented by an hour of restorative yoga to allow your body to slow down and completely melt.  Gift yourself the time to unwind, you will feel rejuvenated, calm and completely nourished.   We will be using pillows, blankets and essential oils to allow you to soften into bliss and deepen your experience.

Bigbury Memorial Hall

Saturday 20th November

3pm - 5pm


What to expect

Meet me at Bigbury Memorial hall to get welcomed into our calming venue, surrounded by candles and fairy lights to begin our journey through the body and mind.  We will begin our practice with a short meditation reflecting about the two opposing energies of effort and ease and observing if you naturally lean towards a certain way than the other.

We will be working on the active, more physical side of yoga to being with.  Starting to flow between postures with intention, building heat and getting the blood circulating.  Then softening with a lot more space after having cultivated effort, we settle into ease.  Time to grab those pillows and blankets as we soften into our much more chilled out restorative yoga.  The intention being cultivating balance through our practise and lives, noticing our habits on and off the mat. 


Even though restorative yoga is simple, it is not easy. You will notice as the body slows down, so does your mind. We are so used to racing through life, going 100 miles per hour with constant stimulations and distractions around us but this time on the mat you will find an active rest.  This is unlike anything we are use to, not resting whilst watching tv or on our phones but actually allowing your mind and body the space and time to rest that it craves.  You will be guided through only a few yoga postures, with the use of props finding stillness as best as we can in each pose for roughly about five minuets per pose.  In every exhale you will feel your body unwind and surrender.


At the end of our event all the daily tensions have melted away and you are left feeling rejuvenated, calm and completely nourished.


What to bring

  • Yoga Mat (or towel)

  • Pillows

  • Warm layers

  • Blankets

  • Fluffy Socks


St Ann's Chapel, Kingsbridge

Lots of free parking!