Online Half day Retreat

Take time out to enjoy your pregnancy and connect to your little one in a deeply nourishing way, with the support of not just one but THREE pregnancy care specialists. 


YOU WILL GET pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing Q&A and exclusive discount code, self-massage techniques for deeply relaxing in pregnancy, breathwork for positive birth mindset, exclusive offer on a hypnobirthing course and TIPS FOR STAYING WELL IN LOCKDOWN when pregnant and with a new baby. We will help you to feel peaceful and full of love, taking a moment to feel joy in your pregnancy

 Saturday 20th February 

 10:30am - 1pm 

 At home on Zoom! 



Join Becky & Krystal, two experienced pregnancy yoga teachers for a luxurious half day virtual retreat. Get to know and connect with fellow mums to be, followed by specific Breathwork to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth from the wonderful Krystal, who has herself given birth in this covid pandemic. We will enjoy some time moving our bodies through gentle yoga with Becky, the practice is focused on helping you build strength for birth and relieve any aches or tension that you might be experiencing, allowing you to feel confident in your beautiful ever-changing body. 

To end our yoga practice, we will arrive in relaxation to surrender to the experience of motherhood and making time for a vital nourishing rest. 

To conclude our morning of self-care Krystal will be guiding you through journal prompts to tap into your heart’s deepest desires and end with a guided meditation to help you get in a positive mindset for the birth, and beyond. 

You and baby will both benefit from this magical day together. 


10:30 am - Get to know each other.

10:45am - Breath work & grounding – Krystal

11am – Pregnancy Yoga with Becky

12am - Sophie Sinclair HYPNOBIRTHING, Q&A

How fear effects birth

12:10am - Self-massage to deeeeeply relax, this is SO yummy!

12:20am – Meditation and mindfulness for positive birth mindset

12:30am – Journaling and affirmation for positive birth mindset 

12:45 am- Sharing / saying goodbyes


Joining the Class


If you have booked onto this workshop, you will receive an email 15 minutes before the workshop starts, containing a link and a passcode to join the workshop. Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.

When clicking the link, you will be prompted to open ZOOM on your device.

On ZOOM, you will then have the option to 'Join with Video' or ‘Join without Video’.  This is completely up to you.  You can choose to turn it on so that you can be seen by myself and others, or you can leave it off if you’d prefer to have privacy or if you do not have a webcam.

All participants will have their audio unmuted until we have our practical sessions.  This allows everybody to ask questions and when we are moving play your own own music at home, and minimises the chance of distracting noises and feedback being heard between devices.

Please ensure you can hear your device before the class starts.  It's recommended to test your speakers and check that your device is not on mute.



Take the time to set up for your online workshop, maybe light a few candles and some incense.

Find a quiet area in your home with plenty of space (welcome kids and pets if you prefer!)

Have everything around you that you will want to get completely comfortable.

A few things that you might want near by:

  • Blocks

  • Straps

  • Eye pillows

  • Blankets

  • Pillows

  • Notepad and Pen

  • Water



  • An exclusive discount code for HYPNOBIRTHING COURSE with the renowned Maternity Therapist Sophie Sinclaire.  

  • Tips for staying well in lockdown when pregnant and with a new baby by Krystal who is currently living through this reality.

  • Self-massage techniques for pregnancy 

  • An EXCLUSIVE discount code for Robyn Tensions  EBOOK on postnatal recovery and pelvic floor health for after your baby is born.

  •  A healing amethyst crystal gift for feeling calm during your pregnancy and labour.