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Studio Opening up in Modbury!

I am so excited to be tell you that we are moving to our own purpose built space.  The building work is underway and moving on nicely, we will be expecting to be open for the end of September.

Our space is beautiful, its a great size able to fit 14x people so still able to keep a personal touch with class sizes.  Its important to me to create a space where you can walk in and fully relax, a place to fully escape the daily stresses and have everything in one space to fully support your overall wellbeing.  We will have everything that you can imagine, form blankets, bolsters, blocks, eye pillows, essential oil diffusers and so much more so that you can turn up with just a mat and know that all your needs will be met here. No more cold floors, or spaces, we will have the best heaters fitted to efficiently heat each person, and soft cork floors are being fitted meaning that it will be softer under the knees, and no more cold floors! 

To be kept in the loop make sure you sign up to my mailing list, to be the first to find out about our open day and special offers! 


We are at the top of Modbury near the new housing estate, inside Bombers Physical fitness.  You have free parking right outside the studio, once parked up it will be the unit directly in front of you. (It will be signposted outside) 


The transition over to the studio will be super simple, we will be using the same booking system so any credits that you currently have will be honored and if you have the app downloaded you will just notice a little facelift over to the brand Wellness Warriors. Nothing will have to be done your end. The only difference will be using the Wellness Warriors Website for bookings (If you don't have the app) instead of this website Becky Hickman Yoga. This website will still be up and running but all the information that you will be after will be on Wellness Warriors.

Website is currently under construction you can see the progress below:


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Drop In

For Ultimate Flexibility 

This allows you to come and go as you please, booking individual classes as and when you can make them.

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For the Weekly Warrior

For those who can commit to weekly classes, this allows you to save money for your commitment.

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Ultimate Wellness Warrior

Take your wellness to a brand new level ad come to as many classes as your heart desires. 


I am excited to be able to bring you some of the most caring, thoughtful teachers I know.  We have a big selection being curated on the timetable with more classes and teachers being added each week.


 At the moment we have confirmed, Vinyasa Flow classes, Power Vinyasa classes, Rocket yoga, toddler yoga, Yin/Yang flow, gentle yoga flow, Yin Yoga, handstand drills, beginners yoga, arm balance drills and of course we will be doing beach yoga and Sup yoga in the summer. 

I would love this to be a conversation, please let me know what you would like to see on at the studio and what times work for you and I will do my best to add that to the timetable.