Find what it is that your body truly needs this week, remembering that life is all about balance!

If you tend to be rushing around non stop all the time, then find some balance by slowing down and delve into the benefits of Yin yoga.  Or countering that by if you have a more stagnant working day you might want to find more flowing movements, to get your heart beat up and enjoy challenging your body in fun postures and transitions.  If you spend most of your time indoors, there is also opportunity throughout the summer to get outside. To soak up the added benefits of practicing on the beach and in the ocean, with the sun shining your body will benefit from some extra vitamin D, some fresh sea air in those lungs and the sand gently exfoliating between your toes.


I offer a playful variation of Vinyasa Yoga, incorporating flowing movements to move between postures with a strong focus on the breath.  I love to find ways to make you smile though the practise to bring some joy and lightness in to what can be a challenging practice.

 You can expect mobility focused movements, challenging balances and a bit of play time at the end to explore a few postures together.

As challenging as it can be, there are no expectations. We rest when we need to rest and there is always options to move in a way that feels best for you.


I am passionate about offering something different each week, giving you an opportunity for growth and exploration but with the basis of the flow being the same, to give your body some familiarity to continually build strength.   We end our sessions by slowing the movements back down, tapping into our nervous system and finding peace in stillness whilst inviting all our senses to the present moment and dropping into a state of bliss and gratitude.


SUP Yoga

In a Sup Yoga session you can expect to be giggling our way though some yoga postures, getting wet and like most my classes, getting a bit silly!

We generally start on our backs, to allow our body to adjust to being on the ocean.  Then move to some seated postures before incorporating some challenging standing postures.


Sup yoga is a great way to build strength and drastically improves our balance.  When we are on our boards it refines our techniques, we can easily switch off some muscles when we are flowing though our land practise but on the water we really have to engage our entre bodies (or else we're getting wet!) 

It also gets us outside, in the fresh air, sunshine and sea water! You will find ease in becoming present as there is so much beauty surrounding us to focus on.  If you have your own board bring it with you, but don't panic if you don't as we are lucky enough to have discovery Surf right on the doorstep, and they will happily let you rent one of their boards out (Let me know and I can sort all of this out for you!)

We have a brand new island for your comfort this year, meaning that we will all be docked onto the island for ultimate confidence and relaxation, and allow us to flow all together rather than your own individual anchor!

Beginners Yoga

This has been designed for those who are completely new to yoga or if you used to practise yoga and want to ease yourself back in.  Just like in all my other classes, you don't have to be able to touch your toes to join in, 

In this class we spend more time breaking down the postures and move slower with more intention to build strength and improve our flexibility over time with no expectations.  By attending this class, over time you will gain confidence and an understanding of your body to be able to join in with the vinyasa classes with greater knowledge on the fundamentals. 


I hope that this class will inspire you to try different styles of yoga that is on offer and start to dip your toes into meditation and breathwork  and get excited to experience new wellness practices.


Beach Yoga

On the beach we take a calmer approach to our vinyasa flow, we slow down so we can smell the sea air and appreciate the beauty of nature all around us


Some of the added benefits of bringing our practice to the beach is that we get the soft sand to cushion us, but also challenge our balance by literally moving beneath our feet. 

As we feel the sea air blow across our bodies we gain extra proprioception skills, this is your bodies ability to sense where it is in space and can drastically help improve your balance.

Not to mention the opportunity to soak up the suns rays and absorb that valuable vitamin D.

After class we all take a dip in the sea so be sure to bring your swimming attire along to get the added benefit of a cold water dip.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet contemplative practice, where postures are held passively for longer allowing you to work deep into the connective tissues and joints.


Each posture will be held for around 3 minutes, during this time we incorporate breath work to calm your nervous system and allow ourselves to feel fully supported by blankets and pillows.

Yin yoga will help you to quiet the busy mind, to learn how to relax and give you a greater understanding of your body and mind.

 It will offer you a deep stretch and gives you the opportunity to go inwards and find a blissful meditative state.