Sunset Yoga

This is going to be special! We will begin with a beautiful 360 yoga flow around our mats enjoying the quiet beach and the sun slowly setting.  After a warming yoga flow we will welcome the new month by setting intentions around the roaring fire, taking the time to find clarity about what we truly want and need throughout August.  Bring along some blankets and allow yourself to get cosy as I serve up some delicious vegan hot chocolate and home made cake.  

Due tho the weather this has been moved to the Bigbury Memorial Hall

Friday 1st of October

6:30pm - 8pm


What to expect

Meet me at Bigbury Memorial Hall with a fire projected onto the wall, roll out your mat and enjoy a warming 360 yoga flow, moving all the way around your mat whilst the sun starts to set.

We will embrace all that the past month has shown us; the lessons, the areas of growth and the moments of pure joy.  We'll be moving around our mat in a 360 style, embodying that it's time for all we have given this past month to come back around. In our practice, we will release any stored up physical tension through the body, let go of the past and get ready for this new month ahead.

After we have finished flowing, we will begin to set intentions around the roaring fire (off the projector), finding clarity on what we want and need throughout August. Bring some blankets along with you to the beach to allow yourself to get all cosy as I serve up some delicious vegan hot chocolate and homemade cake.  

If you have a journal, bring it along (any pieces of paper will work fine!) so that we can write our intentions down.  There is something really powerful about putting pen to paper, and it might feel really great to write down and burn any parts of last month that felt heavy.  Whilst we are finishing off our drinks, the sun will be starting to set symbolising the start of a new month, the day, the heavy feelings and what's left is clarity for the month ahead. 


Note that this event is weather dependant.

What to bring

  • Yoga Mat (or towel)

  • Journal and pen

  • Warm layers

  • Blankets


Bigbury Memorial Hall
St Ann's Chapel,