An online membership designed for your overall well-being



to connect body and mind and allow us to build the strength, resilience and flexibility we need in life; all from the comfort and safety of your home


2 Morning Yoga Classes

2 Evening Yoga Classes

Pose Adaptations Video


My intention is that this package will give you the time and space to remind yourself just how great you are.  This membership takes a holistic approach, based on an understanding that experiencing a well-rounded assortment of wellness practices plays a fundamental role in our ongoing well-being and our journey to becoming Wellness Warriors!


The online and pre-recorded nature of Wellness Warriors means that engagement with enhancing our well-being is not bound by time and space as it is when attending live sessions, giving us better opportunity to give self-love a more prominent position in our lives.



- to connect body and mind and allow us to build the strength, resilience and flexibility we need in life.


- to calm the mind, detach from our thoughts and be present.



- to realise the power of self-reflection in understanding ourselves and our experience of life.


- to find empowerment, connect to our confidence and foster a positive mental attitude where we attract abundance.


- to provide nourishment, find a sense of joy in what we eat and gain inspiration to try new recipes.


As a Wellness Warrior, you will have exclusive access to the members-only area of the site, where you will find the carefully designed and curated content that I create and release every month.


Each month, a new collection is uploaded helping you to maintain inspiration and alignment with your goals and intentions. Also, as the months progress you will have access to the previous two months’ worth of content, meaning you can explore a wider collection and revisit practices that you particularly enjoyed over a longer period of time!


I had never tried yoga before. I always had the thought that you had to be experienced to join a class. I joined Becky’s class during a very difficult emotional time for me and I’m so glad I did. Becky put me at ease immediately, she is very calming and reassuring. The class was incredible, not just physically, but emotionally. It helped me balance all the negativity I had floating around and taught me to draw on the positives in my life. It helped me to learn to be myself and to most importantly love myself.  Becky is incredible and I’m so glad I started my yoga journey with her.

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was to try a yoga class with this magnificent, caring, talented woman.   She has looked after me when I’ve been struggling and made me feel comfortable and capable. Although I love the exercise part of it, yoga is so much more than that - and it’s leading me in a whole new journey for my life and mental health .

First class yesterday, it was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend Becky more. She is the most amazing human being and a fantastic yoga instructor!

I have never been more relaxed! Becky’s classes are such an escape. She’s so gentle and caring in her teaching, she really is wonderful. Get yourself to yoga with Becky!

Having been to various yoga classes in Exeter and London Becky's is the most relaxed and easy to follow. Some weeks you work up a good sweat and try new things other weeks is much more slow and stretchy. She leads the class with such simple clear language it feels accessible and you aren't constantly trying to look around to understand whats going on. My boyfriend has come along too and really enjoyed it and he was very sceptical.

Thank you,


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